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Our Interests
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"We believe in harnessing the power of creativity and design to better the livelihood and experience of city dwellers."

Cloud-floor is a Bangkok-based alternative architectural practice and a global think tank committed to improving the livelihood and experience of city dwellers by harnessing the power of creativity and design. By implementing our ideas at a local scale, we aim to create case studies that are applicable as global solutions.


For each of our projects, we put heavy emphasis on research that begins with exploring and unfolding every possibility of a creative solution. We, then, develop design briefs that culminate in multiple prototypes. Finally, we test and evaluate each prototype in order to ensure, not only an inventive but also a practical output for our beneficiaries, both commercial and community-based.

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We approach our architectural design with a goal to challenge the theoretical norms that will result in a functional, yet novel experience for the users. We achieve this balance by integrating the complex dimensions from the cultural, economic, environmental and social contexts that our clients operate in.



We study urban public spaces and analyze them in order to create meaningful, innovative experiences for city dwellers. Through our collaborative design approach and creation, we aim to help improve the quality of urban life. We have worked in conjunction with both the public and private sectors as well as with the local communities to establish 'Creative Districts' in various areas around the country.



We are interested in the arts that embody our everyday lives and objects that are familiar and commonly seen in our community. Yet, we aim to present an unorthodox perspective, in various art mediums, of these seemingly mundane situations and items.

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