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Co-created between public and private sectors, designers, and local people, The experimental design project aims to propose a new initiative to improve and develop public areas, footpaths, and signs in Charoenkrung Creative District. The collaboration between CEA (Creative Economy Agency) Cloud-Floor and Dr.Pheereeya Boonchaiyapruek

supported by SC Asset Corporation PLC.

The research on the behavior of public space, footpath, and sign utilization in Charoenkrung, the creative district, and the operation of brainstorming from the government sector, private sector, and the stakeholder in the area lead to the solutions for development and implementation. The project aims to improve and create a better experience for walking in the creative district through a research-based design which can be utilized in setting up a design direction and prototype installation in the area. The goal is to show the potentiality of a public space developmental design in the creative district which relates to the footpath utilization behavior, and the possibility of sustainable development.


There are 5 key designs for this project:

  1. STREET ACTIVITIES - Design for enhancing participation in activities during walking in the creative district.

  2. WAYFINDING - Design the footpath navigator.

  3. CREATIVE WALKWAY - Organise space and landscape of the footpath.

  4. STREET CROSSING - Design for street crossing safety.

  5. SAFETY ENVIRONMENT - Design a safe environment for walking during night time.

The designed product was installed in public space, along Charoenkrung road to Mahaprutaram road for a trial use during the Bangkok Design Week 2019.


Creative District


Bangkok, Thailand


Completed (2018)

Design Team

Nattapong Phattanagosai, Donlaporn Chanachai, Apitchaya Pitakmongkol, Natnaree Wichiansin



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