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Unveiling the space to the public

Cities often have areas that are abandoned, neglected, inaccessible, or not being used to their full potential. from studying the city network and the activities of the city at night Researchers from Urban Ally of the Faculty of Architecture, Silpakorn University found that the parking area under the Phra Pok Klao Bridge is an area that is difficult to access. not fully utilized but has high potential Because it is a garden area under the bridge that connects important destinations that have been developed recently, namely Sky Garden, Phra Pok Klao Bridge and Ong Ang Canal, which connects to Charoen Krung Road and Yaowarat Road. which is a project that will be developed in the future


in cooperation with Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and Make It Happen Lab from Urban Ally Group of the Faculty of Architecture, Silpakorn University invited a team of Cloud-floor designers with the support of lighting equipment from L&E. Mari began to create new value for this garden. Starting from the design of lighting to bring people's eyes to the garden area. and find the entrance to the Sky Garden, Phra Pok Klao Bridge


The objective of this experiment to design and install lighting in the King Prajadhipok Park is to open the park. that existed for a long time, but seemed to be hidden It's like gradually opening this "Secret Garden" to the public. and to observe the function of connecting the districts and important points The convergence of the secret park that is no longer secret. Under the concept of lighting design named "LIT" by the team of Cloud-floor designers.




The meaning of the garden is compared to many symbols. especially in the comparative speech of many periods of literature The garden is also used as a tool to create roles of characters that reflect the concept of society in each era. A garden can be a place of relief. It builds relationships and is also a connection point from the real world to the imaginary world.


If you close your eyes and think of your favorite garden, trees, fountains, and walkways, what does it look like?

Where is your favorite corner of the garden?

Or what was the conversation that used to take place in the garden?

Many times, a “garden” has more of its own content than a symbol of urban greenery. And many times the garden has content that communicates with different people.


“LIT” is a moment to bring life to life and to project what is in the park.

It was discovered and communicated to visitors in a different language and time period.


We hope that if you close your eyes again and think about the trees, fountains, paths of this garden.

It will allow many people to try to escape into their imaginations in a short period of time. that have been used in secret gardens in big cities like Bangkok


The initiative is expected to build on the physical development of the area to accommodate a wide range of people's activities. and make use of the limited green spaces in the Bangkok area to their full potential in the future


Lighting Installation


Bangkok, Thailand


Completed (2021)

Design Team

Nattapong Phattanagosai, Donlaporn Chanachai, Panisa Jermhansa, Chalinan Manoprasertkul



Make it happen lab, Urban Ally


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