Ten for 90 no.1 “Public Transit Lounge” ASA-Community Act Network CAN 2016

Cloud-Floor x IF(Integrated Field) x Young CAN 

Category : Urban/ Public Space

Location : Hua Lam Phong Train Station, Bangkok Thailand

Area : 144 sq.m.


Students and young graduates from Science in Industrial Education and various architectural schools and Faculty of Political Science Chulalonkorn join together under the sponsorship of “ASA-Community Act Network (CAN): Ten for Ninety Program” to search for the meaning of being public and the creation of public space in Hua Lumphong especially in the designated area in the middle of the transit lounge during 26 February – 6 March 2016, with kind collaboration of the State Railway of Thailand. The process of survey, design thinking and experimentation has been guided by devoted architects from Integrated Field (IF), CloudFloor and Young CAN. The outcome is not yet to provide any solution, but to enable further discussions on the issue of ‘public space’.

The designed outcome installed in public space, Hua Lam Phong Train Station, for a 9-days trial use.

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