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ASA Design Competition 2015 : Dense City

เมืองดีที่สี่แยก presents an urban strategy provoking the new role of the intersection, which practically performs as physical infrastructure in every city. On a global scale, the ratios of a street intersection in the city are highly concerned as spaces used for vehicles. Thus, the multilayers of pedestrian ways were added in order to transfer the mass of people from one place to another. Undeniably, these are likely the most wasted part of the city that provides nothing but car circulation and these spaces are presented at every corner in the city.

The priority reversion between transport and people circulation is the main tool to rethink and redefine the notion of “public space” in dense cities. The new pedestrian intersection is the criteria for new social spaces combined with respective urban characteristics. Distributed around the city, they are enabled for people and accessible to everyone. These public spaces encourage the value of every square inch that we have and add a new way of experiencing the public space in the city.  


Urban Study


Bangkok, Thailand


Competition (2015)

Design Team

Nattapong Phattanagosai, Donlaporn Chanachai, 

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