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Reimagined a Grocery on Wheel

“Kad” is a Northern Thai word that literally translates to “market”. “Pap Pap” is an onomatopoeia of the sound of a horn that a grocery tricycle makes to catch the attention of potential patrons when it travels along the route in various cities and towns in Northern Thailand.  Guided by a philosophy to bring well-being and connect each community along its route, we reimagine new possibilities of “Kad Pap Pap” to better answer the daily needs of its patrons which include aging and vulnerable populations. Our goal is to approach the redesign of a grocery tricycle in a holistic way that does not only include physical adjustments, but also soft assets that will help add better experiences and increase health benefits to the community members along the route. In consideration of the cordial relationship and trust between the community members and the grocery tricycle’s owner, “Auntie Noi”, we ensure that all stakeholders have input in the development of our design.


“Kad Pap Pap” is an experimental project between the Creative Economy Agency in Chiang Mai and Cloud-floor in collaboration with “Auntie Noi” who runs a grocery tricycle in the Chang-Moi district. By leveraging on the business model of the “Kad Pap Pap” that maintains close relationships with the community members along its route, we interpret its service as more than simply selling daily sustenance, but a potential delivery service, door-to-door, of a healthy living lifestyle that holistically contributes to the overall well-being of the community. Along the way, we envision “Kad Pap Pap” contributing to the local economy and turning Chiang Mai into a ‘Healthy City’ that caters to the needs of future inhabitants, particularly the aging people and vulnerable groups.


In addition to the products that “Auntie Noi” carries on a regular basis, “Kad Pap Pap” will bring signature dishes from the Chang-Moi district to patrons along its route. With the goal to spur the local economy, create a proper distribution system, and put in place a supporting network from one community to the next, we work with “Yai Nuan Ka-nom Wong,” “Larb Pa Yod,” and “Moo Pan Kai Kwam Pa Da.” These three local delicacies of the Chang-Moi district are re-imagined with healthier ingredients by Ajarn Anuwat Chueyen, Director of the International Gastronomy Tourism Centre - iGTC at Maejo University. Ajarn Anuwat works with the chefs at the three restaurants to turn their signature dishes into health-conscious offerings, while still preserving the original flavors that they are known for. We believe the effort will help make “Kad Pap Pap” a healthy lifestyle choice for the communities that it travels through.


Urban Intervention


Chiangmai, Thailand


Completed (2021)

Design Team

Nattapong Phattanagosai, Donlaporn Chanachai, Panisa Jermhansa


CEA Chiangmai

Anuwat Chueyen, Director of the Center for Education in International Culinary Arts Tourism. (International Gastronomy Tourism Center (iGTC)

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