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What makes a city happy

A Productive Community Workshop



is the first episode of Cloud-floor social experiment (2014) finding out the strategy of making a Productive Community. It aims at inspiring the self-intension to become more involved in shaping their own public environments. “individual//public happiness” is a key issue in this project. The impact of friendship networks influences the power of social public spaces both physically and digitally. It is in public space, where the conversation has begun, the information was exchanged from one to another.


The workshop was held at a coworking space in Bangkok, D’Desktop. 50 participants of architects, designers, and other working fields were invited to explore the experiment. The project timeline was set as a short-term action, 8 weeks, and realistic expectations.  


Temporary and informal sharing spaces are the new power in creating a good urban environment. “What makes a city happy” is an experimental approach to making tactical urban movement. The subject has become a platform amongst the involved participants discovering the question 

“Is one able to make a better  to make a better future city throughout the fun and enjoyable method?”


Urban Workshop


Bangkok, Thailand


Completed (2014)

Design Team

Nattapong Phattanagosai, Donlaporn Chanachai

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