"Customized Co-playing Playground"

A collaboration between Thai Health Promotion Foundation and TCDC

Category : Urban/ Public Space

Location : Charoenkrung Road, Bangkok Thailand

Area : 360 sq.m.

Design Team : Nattapong Phattanagosai, Donlaporn Chanachai, Apitchaya Pitakmongkol, Natnaree Wichiansin

Research Team: Kwan Phonghanyudh, Kullakaln Gururatana, Pakwipa Ruanglikhitkul

Design Brief: The Contextual

Graphic Design: Graphic Sundae

Construction : Plook Design

Status : Finished (Prototype Testing on site during Bangkok Design Week 2018)


The project, ‘Active Play’, took off with the aim to boost the physical activity (PA) in children of age 6-14 in their house,

school, and community.It begins with an initial research of the following:


a setting like a community, limited area is the key concern. To play in the community also provokes the idea of ‘social interactions’

which urge to break down boundaries between gender and age groups. It calls for playscapes that will unite the old and the young.

The prototype was designed as modular units consisting of frames, joists, and panels.

The design can be easily adapted to different characters and types of space.


The graphics on each panel does not impose any certain type of play but rather suggest what it could be. It opens up a situation where

each individual can use their imagination to create a unique possibility of play. The panels can be arranged and rearranged

according to place and occasion. Despite the fact that the panels could be arranged to form ‘zones’ for each age group the playscape, 

overall, creates an integral play in the community.


The playscape not only catalyses physical activity in children but activates social interactions of the old and the young. It creates a platform

where children can fully express themselves, a place of gathering, and a landmark that showcases the true identity of the people in the community.



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