Category : Urban/ Public Space

Location : ASA Architect Expo 2017, Bangkok Thailand

Design Team : Nattapong Phattanagosai, Donlaporn Chanachai, Apitchaya Pitakmongkol

Status : Finished (Exhibition during ASA 2017)


Dwelling Surroundings


In the everyday urban setting, people are only being considered of all things contained in the private realm and overlooked the public. The idea of ‘public mindfulness’ 

begins to fade away from the society.


In the belief that each member is the key element in driving positive change in their community, ‘Dwelling Surroundings’ aims to activate social responsibility in local neighbourhoods. It is to encourage each individual to extend their aid beyond the private and into the public realm - taking care of their neighbours and surroundings. 


Such actions would help to strengthen ties between neighbours, benefit both the individual and the communal.




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