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Sustainability Pavilion

Wonderfruit 2017

"Wonder fruit "The past 4 years and the future"

What trace would our life leave for the future? "

‘It has long been a tradition in human history to inscribe messages as a permanent record of our culture and civilization. It is through these ‘human footprints’ that we learn of our past, our way of life. Ancient fossils, cave paintings, and the Egyptian Hieroglyphics are well-preserved evidence of the past but what of the present?’

‘What traces would our lives leave for the future?’

Wonderfruit Sustainability Pavilion was an exhibition for wanderers to witness a glimpse into the future, to see a fragment of what our present lives would leave behind. The architecture is separated into 3 main parts: Our Sustainable Focus, Our Actions, and Our Future. ‘Our Sustainable Focus’ narrated the story of the current lifestyle of mankind and its impact on the environment. ‘Our Action’ echoed how Wonderfruit, as a festival, tries to promote large scale collective action to address environmental issues - from global warming and biodiversity to food security and water sanitation. ‘Our Future’ allowed wanderers to inscribe their message - their promise - to move towards sustainable living.


To reflect upon our intention to construct a sustainable framework, several experiments were conducted to find the material formula that would reduce the total carbon footprint of the structure. As a result, 550 blocks were made out of dried shredded coconut using plaster as a bonding agent. Each block was hand-crafted and painted individually.


The Sustainability Pavilion, overall, has crafted a platform to create awareness, inspire behavior change, and channel collective impact. It resonated with Wonderfruit’s ethos to encourage, develop & innovate creative solutions for sustainable living.





Pavilion/ Exhibition


Pattaya, Thailand


Completed (2017)

Design/Exhibition Team

Nattapong Phattanagosai, Donlaporn Chanachai, Pannawat Sermsuk, Apitchaya Pitakmongkol 



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