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The Shophouse 1527

Space Experiment Projects

The Shophouse 1527 is an art-house in the Samyan District, Bangkok. It is a 24-month long project where an old and dilapidated shophouse is turned into an exhibition platform. The space contains monthly exhibitions, showcasing a wide-ranging array of artworks that serve to create novel and exciting spatial experiences. These may include installation art, performance art, digital art, urban art, and architecture.  Moreover, ‘The Shophouse 1527’ is a venue that aims to promote collaboration among creative professionals, including artists, designers, and architects, who bring fresh and different perspectives into the space. 


Our exhibitions are curated with a goal to showcase urban everyday life from past to present and to highlight the transient nature of our daily routine. Additionally, our programs are flexible and are open to potential new ideas from our exhibitors and collaborators. ‘The Shophouse 1527’ and its exhibitions are meant for sharing knowledge, generating public interaction, providing social criticism, and engaging the world of aesthetics. 


Lastly, ‘The Shophouse 1527’ aims to highlight the symbiotic relationship between the space and the local community in the Samyan District. The space renovation has incorporated the history of the building through preserving traces on the wall, repurposing of existing architectural elements, and retaining the former owner who still lives in the community as an informal advisor. Moreover, our renovated space acts as a draw to visitors and help revitalize the local economy. Our project serves as a working example of how the creative industry and its programs can co-exist with local communities in Bangkok neighbourhoods that are currently encountering rapid urbanisation. 


Typology Study / Urban Study/ Spatial Art


Bangkok, Thailand


Completed (2019)

Design Team

Nattapong Phattanagosai, Donlaporn Chanachai, Natnaree Wichiansin

Project Collaborator 

IF (Integrated Field)

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