Category : Architecture

Location : Maesot, Tak Thailand

Design Team : Nattapong Phattanagosai, Donlaporn Chanachai, Natnaree Wichieansin 

Status : Completed in 2020


Bwe K’Lar Primary School is located in Mae Sot, Thailand along the Burmese border runs by Cotton On Foundation since 2016. The school itself is quite remote and currently accommodates 69 students. The playscape designed by Cloud-floor occupies a site between two of the school’s existing building. This not only provides a space for PLAY but also delivers hands-on learning as the process of learning by doing and experiencing something.


Hanging play elements allow this area to be used as semi-outdoor public area and the outdoor classroom where play elements and teaching elements are combined as one.

The Playscape allows teachers connect what children learn inside to what they explore outside.


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