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Active Play 2

Active Play: A Customizable, Modular Playground

There have been studies, both locally and internationally, which demonstrate that the children have not engaged enough in physical activity. This is due to the easier access to technology, which has kept children immobile and engaged in front of a computer, tablet, or mobile phone screen. 

Given the task to create a playground to promote physical activity and the limitations of the Thai urban communities, we came up with ‘Active Play’. It is a playground concept that can be modified based on the available area of each community.  Each modular unit can also be designed to cater to different activities that are suitable for children of different ages and genders. When combined, the units allow for a social interaction among the children of different ages and genders who may otherwise not interact on a regular basis. 


‘Active Play’ can also be customized to the different demographic composition of each area. For example, if a community has more young children then the proportion of the modular units that are designed for young children can be more. But if the community has more older children then more sport-oriented units can be added. In any case, the choice on each panel does not strictly impose any certain type of play, but rather suggests what it could be. It opens up a situation where the children can use their imagination to create a unique possibility of play. 


Each ‘Active Play’ modular unit is made up of frames, joists, and panels. The design can be easily adapted to different characters and types of space. They can be disassembled if the community needs to use the space for some other activities or structures. Then, it can be reassembled in a new space and modified the final structure to fit with the available area. We see ‘Active Play’ as a platform where children can fully express themselves. We want it to be a place of gathering, and a landmark that showcases the true identity of the people in the community.


Urban Intervention


Nakhonsawan, Thailand


Completed (2021)

Design Team

Nattapong Phattanagosai, Donlaporn Chanachai, Oratai Taechamahapant,

Panisa Jermhansa


Plook Design

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